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You probably don’t realize how much you depend on your household appliances every day. Often, when these machines break down we realize just how central they are to our daily lives. We use them every day to cook hot meals for our family, keep our food fresh, and clean our clothes. Keep your appliances in good working order with proper maintenance and repair service from Budget Appliances in Surrey and Richmond. If your machine stops functioning, we can repair the problem, saving you the cost of buying a new one. 

Repair Service

Did your oven stop working? Does your fridge seem warm? Did you washer stop spinning? Is your dryer not heating? We can help with that! Budget Appliances has factory-trained technicians who can service your appliances on-site. We are trained to work on most types, makes, and models of household appliances from ovens and dishwashers to fridges and laundry equipment. We understand how important your appliances are to daily life, so we’ll do our best to fix your appliance problem in no time.

Appliance Maintenance

Just like any other type of machine, your household appliances need regular care and maintenance. If you’ve noticed your machine does not run as well or as efficiently as it used to, the problem may be solved by thorough cleaning or a small mechanical adjustment. Some of the smaller maintenance tasks can be completed by you, the homeowner, but for more advanced maintenance, like replacing seals or belts, our factory-trained technicians are here to help. Here are some simple maintenance tips you can utilize to extend the life of your appliances:


Clean condenser coils with a vacuum to remove dust, dirt and pet hair. Dirty coils cause the fridge to work harder than necessary to keep your food cold.
Check the seal to ensure it is tight. If not, call a professional to help you replace it,

Stoves & Ovens

Regularly clean the stovetop to prevent food and dirt buildup that could cause the oven to overwork or be a fire hazard.
Make sure to clean or replace your range hood or vent filters.
Clean up any spills or messes that occur inside your oven right away.


Keep door gaskets clean by washing with water and bleach to help prevent leaks.
Clean out the filter to remove any debris or deposits left by hard water.
Clear any objects from around the spray arms or pump area to avoid clogging the drainage system.

Washing Machines

Don’t overload your washer by doing large, heavy loads. Split your laundry into smaller loads.
Check pockets of garments before washing. Foreign items, like coins and paper, can get lodged in the washer and cause problems


Clean the lint filter after every load. Leftover lint can be a fire hazard.
Regularly clean the dryer’s exhaust at the back of the machine by loosening the clamp and removing any lint clumps from the hole and tubing.

Guaranteed Work

At Budget Appliances we guarantee our work. All work completed by our factory-trained technicians carries a guarantee on both parts and labour.

Contact us now to schedule your appliance repair and maintenance services.



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